Window Tinting

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Two skylight windows in our addition let a whole lot of light in all afternoon long. I thought that this would cut down on some of that light causing a glare on our tv screen and the heat that goes along with the sunlight. It does, but not as much as hoped. Probably could go a few shades darker and still get sufficient light through the windows as intended. Also, it took almost a half an hour to get the first one affixed to the window properly – the second one around 15 minutes more or less.

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Your local Window Gang is fully insured and bonded with general liability insurance and carries workers compensation on all employees. Our uniformed technicians are extensively trained in all exterior cleaning processes and procedures. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines to keep our environment and community clean and safe.

But he also enjoys giving succor to those ailing. For example, during some recent wind damage, he removed a bee’s nest from a fallen tree, allowing power workers a chance to hook up the juice to a senior-living condo. Prior to that, the work crew had been hampered by an inability to get to the fallen wiring. The first step in the process—the taming of the bees—was the one that required expert care.

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